Hot sweaty men forced to take the lash on their backs in bondage.

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What is it about hot, sweaty men in bondage, forced to take the lash on their backs or the soles of their feet that gets us going so much? What is it about dungeons and torches and screams of torture coming from the parched lips of prisoners or slaveboys?  

Perhaps we will never know, but we do know that we love it more than anything. For those of us who love the written word about gay bondage, slavery, punishment, and torture, this site is for us! Updated often, it contains some of the hottest gay bondage and BDSM erotica, mostly written by the great writer A.J. Moor.

Check out the stories here, and you will find yourself getting off again and again. But this is not just porn on the screen with words instead of images. Most of what you find here are real stories with psychological twists. But they are still very very hot, with smoldering scenes of men and other kinds of twinks and guys getting their bodies bound and punished and tortured beyond their minds by sadistic guards and wardens and masters who want only to hear their shrieks and begging for mercy.

Check out the free stories on this site and leave comments if you are so inspired.

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